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This is a really nice 2007 EZGO PDS 4 SEATER CUSTOM Golf Cart that was completely CUSTOMIZED.

It has a custom dupont professionally painted body that is chameleon. It is basically, Blue / Black, with Purple in it and as you walk around it, it takes on varying colors due to how the light hits it. What a beautiful paint job.

It has a 6 inch Jakes spindle lift kit installed.

It has 22 x 11 x 10 inch custom off road tires and rims.

It is a 4 seater with a rear flip seat.

The seats have been custom made and have 2 stripes. They are matching seat bottoms and seat backs, have brand new foam, vinyl, and wood. The material used is High marine grade vinyl with tuck and roll where the Blue stripes are located.

It has a custom Blue (not painted, molded this way) Extended top.

The front of the vehicle has a brand new custom brush guard.

The cart is outfitted with 4 light systems:
1) Front and rear driving lights. The front lights are 35W Halogen while the rear lights are bright LED with Custom Covers surrounding the lights.
2) Roof Mounted, 4 light, OFF ROAD light bar. This light will light up the whole area. Independently controlled by its own switch.
3) Glow Lights under the cart. There are 4 separate glow lights underneath the cart. All 4 lights are independently controlled by their own switch.
4) Dome Lights, 2 of them. Located on the overhead Stereo Console. Each light is independently controlled.

Custom Burl Wood dash with 2 locking glove compartments and 4 drink holders.

12 VDC Accessory Port (located in the dash). Independently Fused.

25 AMP.... 36 VDC to 12 VDC Converter. This is the proper way to run the 12 VDC devices. This converter connects across the full battery bank, converts the 36 VDC battery bank down to 12 VDC (at up to 25 AMPS). This protects the batteries from becoming unequal in charge. The power is drawn equally from each of the 6 batteries, keeping the battery bank equal.

There are 2 outside adjustable mirrors (one for the drivers side and one for the passengers side).

There is a grab bar attached to the rear of the vehicle with the rear seat.

Installed is an overhead console that is Burl wood grain like matching, the dash. The console contains:
1) Marine grade outdoor speakers, 2 (hooked up to the front output on the receiver). The rear output is still available for expansion.
2) AM / FM / CD-R / CD-RW Receiver
a) Front Panel is detachable
b) DUAL 60 Watts Output
c) Front Panel AUX port (connect your IPOD or other device to play from your personal play list)
b) USB Charging Port
3) Dome Lights, 2 each, independently controllable
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